What does this package deliver?

All your graphic design needs such as flyers, brochures, posters, workbooks, rhyme books, story books, advertisements etc.

Your current website maintenance or new website design for your school or organization

Your schools Facebook page posts for timeline, all photos posting, creating albums, event posts birthday posts for children etc.

Complete List Of Deliverables


  • School Brochure
  • School Prospectus
  • Admission & Other Forms
  • Flyers for Events
  • Flyers for Activities
  • Posters for School
  • School Workbooks
  • Rhyme & Story Books
  • School Activities Calendar
  • School Logo & Stationary
  • Marketing Materials
  • Activities Certificates
  • Classroom Theme Posters
  • Outdoor Banners
  • Digital Banners
  • Upto 5 Revisions/Artwork
  • All Print & Source Files Included



  • Updating the Page
  • Post Designing for Timeline
  • Holiday wishes Posts
  • Birthday Wishes Posts
  • Photo Albums Upload
  • Water Marking All Photos
  • Upcoming Activities Post
  • Upcoming Events Posts
  • Hastags for Each Post

How much does this package cost?

This All-In-One package costs$1499 for the whole year

Why should any school buy this package?

With technology developing everyday all schools need a website and a Facebook page to keep parents upto date about their plans and updates related to anything from curriculum to activities. An attactive artwork for a flyer or a poster draws more attention about any accouncement, that's why having a good graphic designer or a desgin agency onboard is very important.

This package offers everything that a school needs for all their activities and updates and that too at a price which is lowest in the industry. It has been kept at a lower price so that every school in the world can afford it without spending a fortune on it.

At Prodigious Design Studio we wish and work to become the one stop contact for all preschools and nursery schools when it comes to having someone onboard for their daily artwork and technology needs.


The duration of the package is only valid and counted when the school is in operation. During Summer and Winter breaks if the school remains closed then then pckage also pauses and resumes when the school repoens. This way schools can use the complete 12 months validity of the package.

Is there a contract for this package?

Yes there is a contract which both the school and Prodigious Design Studio will sign and agree upon. This contract can be terminated by either party if results are unsatisfactory. A week's notice is required by the cancelling party with valid reasons to terminate.

How do we pay?

We accept payments through many ways including:









Ready to Buy ?

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The Process

Click on each step to understand our work
process and to know how we complete assignments for schools.

  1. step1
    Step 1:
    School Emails Us

    Schools send us the project on email. So for example if you need a flyer designed then you simply email us the text matter and the size you need it in the format (Width x Height). If there are any particular photos to be used for any creative then we would require school to send us the same as well. In case of website update you simply email us what you need to be changed along with the credentials to access your website.

  2. time-line
    Step 2:
    We Confirm and Start Designing

    When we receive any project we review it and confirm the time required by us to school. Then we simply start designing based on the content sent to us. We try to incorporate all aspects of the content into the design along with the schools preferred colors.

  3. time-line
    Step 3:
    We Send the First Draft

    After we have designed the first draft, we send it to school for review and approvals. This is the stage where the school can request any changes or suggest any modifications that they may need. We’ll then adapt those changes/suggestions and send it back to the school for review. This process continues till the school has approved the work.

  4. time-line
    Step 4:
    We Send the Final Files

    Once everything has been approved we simply send all the files to school. In case of artwork we send all the print and source files. In case of websites we simply upload the files on to the school’s web server and make the changes live.